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Sharing Library Resources In D2L

This guide provides techniques and tools for sharing content from some of our databases.

Swank Digital Campus

To link to a film in Swank Digital Campus:

1. Upon initial access to Swank, you will be asked to indicate your role. Select Instructor to be able to search for and assign films to your students as well as watch any licensed film as needed for class. 

instructor role swank

2. When you search for licensed content, take note of the date the license expires. After that date, the video won't be available unless the license is renewed.  

swank available date

3. Click on a video thumbnail, and select Copy Direct Link from the Share tab (Note: The Copy LMS Link won't work).

Swank platform

2. Go to the D2L content page where you want to link your video, and select Insert Quicklink

Insert Quicklink Swank

3. Select URL

4. Enter URL and Title and click Insert.

Swank URL