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MARK 231: Principles of Marketing: Write and Cite

Principles Of Marketing


The following links may be helpful when starting the writing process for essays and research reports.

To avoid accidental plagiarism, be sure to start working on your assignment early and visit the Tutorial Learning Center if you need help with citations.

APA Manual

How do you know if it IS true? and reliable?

 Everything on the Web is NOT true. But how can I tell if the information is sound? You have to be a CRAAP Detector

C. Currency

  • When was the website created?
  • Is the information/website updated regularly?
  • Is the information current enough for your topic?

R. Reliability

  • Does the author cite outside resources or provide references?
  • Balanced information-analysis, bias, opinion, facts
  • Do links work to outside pages or within?

A. Authority

  • Find the "About us" link and ask who wrote this content?
  • Are they experts? Credentials?
  • Advertising?

A. Accuracy

  • Where does the author obtain this information?
  • Is the information verifiable?
  • Spelling errors? Typos?

P. Purpose

  • Does the author have an agenda?
  • Who does the author represent?
  • Are they trying to sell you something?