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CUAR 245: International Cuisine: Ingredients

Use this guide to find appropriate sources for your International Cuisine term paper.

Reference Books

Use the library's REFERENCE RESOURCES to gather:

-Background information about your topic; dates, names, locations

-Keywords and subject-specific vocabulary that will help you in searching more complex sources and databases

-Context; reference resources can help you understand how your topic fits into a broader discipline or how multiple topics are interrelated

Note: these books do NOT check out.

Find Ingredients

Search for books by keyword or subject heading here. 

-- When searching for ingredients, it is best to use a KEYWORD search.

-- If your ingredient is plant-based, it may be helpful to know the correct botanical name of your plant.  Wikipedia is a great place to find the botanical name of your plant (but don't cite it in your academic papers!); then search library sources using the botanical name of the plant.

The following books are available for checkout at the CMU Library.