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Music History: How to Find Books

Guide to resources relating to Music History

Find Books @ CMU

The catalog searches for materials owned by the Tomlinson Library. You can do a title search for a specific book, ebook, media, etc., or a keyword search if you are looking for items on a particular topic. Or try a subject search based upon subjects you have already discovered in your searching.



You can also manage your library account including renewals and checking on holds you have placed from "My Library Account" at the Library Home Page.

The Book Stacks

Library Books on the Shelf

Finding and Using Subject Headings

Subject headings are very helpful when finding material on a particular topic.  To find useful subject headings, the best way is to start with a keyword search.  To do this, go to the library home page, and enter your search term(s) in the default search box.  For example, you might try "jazz and history".  You will no doubt get a number of items that may be useful to you. However, to make your search more exact, click on "more" under the "Subject" category in the left-hand column.  You can click on any one of these subjects to narrow your topic, or if you prefer, use selected subject headings for a brand new search, as demonstrated below under "Using Subject Headings in the Catalog".

Using Subject Headings in the Catalog

To find books on relevant topics, search either the Tomlinson Library catalog or Prospector more in-depth by using LC Subject Headings. Pay attention to the subject headings used for books you've already identified (see above) in order to find other works on the same subject and also identify subject search terms.  Subject headings are assigned to the item by someone who has looked at the item, and can be more effective then regular keyword searches.

Try some of the following subject headings:

   Music -- History and Criticism
   Jazz Musicians
   Bach, Johann Sebastian
   Rock Musicians
   Women Musicians
   Music, Greek and Roman

You can also add other words such as "history", or a country such as "United States"

   Songs and Music -- History and Criticism
   Military Music -- United States -- History and Criticism
   Music, Greek and Roman -- History and Criticism
You can look for subject headings when doing a keyword search.

(Book image by Horia Varlan/Flickr Creative Commons)

Common Shelf Locations for Dance Books by Call Number

Music History materials are primarily located in the "Music History and Criticism" call number range ML 159 - 3785 (Third Floor)

Some highlights of the range (not a complete list):

   ML 159 - 161  General Works
   ML 162 - 197  By Time Period
   ML 198 - 360.6  By Region or Country
   ML 385 - 429  Biography
   ML 430 - 458  Composition and Performance
   ML 459 - 1380  Instruments and Instrumental Music
   ML 1400 - 3275  Vocal Music
   ML 3300 - 3351  Program Music
   ML 3400 - 3465  Damce Music
   ML 3469 - 3541  Popular Music
   ML 3544 - 3776  Folk, National, and Ethnic Music
   ML 3780  Music on Popular Topics
   ML 3785  Musical Journalism  

Some books are too large for the regular shelf and are located in the "Oversize" books. (Third Floor)


If you find the Tomlinson Library does not have the item you are looking for (or if the item you are looking for is checked out), you can search Prospector, a combined library catalog of large libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.

CMU students, staff and faculty can request materials through Prospector, and the items will generally be delivered to Tomlinson Library within a few business days.

See Interlibrary Loan for more information.



Interlibrary Loan

If you are aware of an item you need that we don't have, you can request it though interlibrary loan.  Try Prospector first, and if you don't find what you need, then request the item though interlibrary loan.  This following link will take you to more inforamation.