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Music History: How to Find Journal Articles

Guide to resources relating to Music History

Find Articles @ CMU

To look for articles on Dance, use one of the databases listed below.  At the initial search screen, enter terms relavent to your topic.  Use just the main terms and connect them with the word "and".  For more details on how to search, see "Using Keywords to Find Journal Articles" or "Using Subjet Headings to Find Journal Articles" in the next column. ------->

The Journal Stacks

Library Books on the Shelf

The New York Times

This is a link to the Music page from the Arts section of the New York Times.

The New York Times - Music

Using Keywords to Find Journal Articles

The easiest way to begin searching for journal articles is to simply enter your keyword search terms connected with the word "and" in the search box that appears when you go to any database (see list of selected databases in left column).  Keywords are just the main terms, usually nouns, related to what you are trying to find.  For example, if you wanted something about "dance costumes used in the ballet Swan Lake" you might enter something like costumes and swan lake and ballet  If you find subject headings (see box below) that are helpful you can use them.  If you need help finding articles, please contact us at the Research Help Desk as we can help you.

Another way to get started with finding articles is to just go to the Library Home Page, click on the "Articles" search tab, and click "Search". This will search several databases at one, including the ones listed in the left hand column on this page.

Using Subject Headings to Find Journal Articles


To find journal articles on relevant topics, search one of the library databases using subject headings. Pay attention to the subject headings used for articles you've already identified in order to find other works on the same subject and also identify subject search terms.  Subject headings are assigned to the article by someone who has looked at the article, and can be more effective then regular keyword searches. Linked subject headings below go to the  Academic Search Complete database, found under the "Articles" tab on the Library Home Page, using the "SU Subject Terms" option when searching.

Try some of the following subject headings:

   Music -- History and Criticism
   Jazz Musicians
   Rock Musicians
   Women Musicians
   Music, Greek and Roman


Use Boolean Operators along with keywords you have selected to construct an effective search query. Most common to use is the word "and", which looks for both terms appering in an article, such as "dance and United States"  However, sometimes "or", as well as "not" can be useful. Please contact our Research Help Desk if you need help with this.


If you find the Tomlinson Library does not have the item you are looking for (or if the item you are looking for is checked out), you can search Prospector, a combined library catalog of large libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.

CMU students, staff and faculty can request materials through Prospector, and the items will generally be delivered to Tomlinson Library within a few business days.

See Interlibrary Loan for more information.



Interlibrary Loan

If you are aware of an item you need that we don't have, you can request it though interlibrary loan.  Try Prospector first, and if you don't find what you need, then request the item though interlibrary loan.  This following link will take you to more inforamation.