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ARTH 220: History of Modern Art

Can you find...

Use what you've learned this morning to start your research

  • Explore your topic online. Use the websites provided or use a search engine to locate information about the artist or movement. Look for details about who wrote the information and what sources they used for their article, website, or blog (how did they get that information?).
  • Find a book in the catalog that seems like it will provide context for your topic. It doesn't have to be specifically about your topic but should help you better understand the artist, modern art movements, etc.
  • Find a book in Prospector that you might like to request for your research. This book might be about the specific modern artist or movement that you're researching.
  • Find a scholarly journal article using the library databases you were shown today (JSTOR, ProjectMuse, etc.). This article should be relevant to your specific topic and help you better understand existing research on that topic.
  • Find a potentially useful article or book in the bibliography (list of sources) at the end of the scholarly journal article you found in the databases. Can you figure out how to access that article or book using our databases, catalog, and Prospector?