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Oral Presentation Skills: Showcase Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore the topic of presentation effectiveness through examples (using rubrics to evaluate presentations) and through reflective presentation creation exercises (translating text into winning content).


> Organization

  • Is your presentation content in a logical order? 
  • Does your presentation content support the focus of your presentation?
  • Is the plan for your presentation evident and consistent?
  • For PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.: Is the structure of each slide/frame is logical order (titles, headings, bulleted/numbered lists)?
  • BEST CASE: Audience understands where we are and where we've been in the presentation; audience has a sense of where you're going in the presentation; audience doesn't lose sight of your focus.
  • WORST CASE: Audience is lost in the presentation; slides (etc., if any) doesn't seem to have logical presentation.

Best Stats Ever - & Well-Organized Too!