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Oral Presentation Skills: Showcase Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore the topic of presentation effectiveness through examples (using rubrics to evaluate presentations) and through reflective presentation creation exercises (translating text into winning content).

Presentation Skills

> Presentation Skills (speaking & responding)

  • HINT: Your presentation is accompanied by a real, live human being -- YOU!
  • Did you practice?
  • Did you rely on the text on the screen?
  • Did you understand and clearly communicate information and ideas deeper than the content on the screen?
  • Are you able to speak independently on your topic/argument/content? Are you letting the slides/etc. do the work for you (booooo), or are you letting the slides/etc. supplement your oral content (yessssss)?
  • How did you respond to any audience questions? (Confidently? Or with uncertainty?)
    • Do you repeat presentation content in your response? Can you elaborate with additional information/ perspectives?
  • For group presentations: Have you practiced together? Do you have a sense of transitions between speakers/content? 
  • BEST CASE: Your presentation is clear, thorough, and convincing regardless of your slides/etc.; your slides/etc. enhance your presentation and provided a useful reference for your audience (but presentation could have survived without slides/etc.); you welcome questions from the audience and you respond to them thoughtfully. 
  • WORST CASE: You merely read the content on the screen and refer back to just that content in responses to audience questions; you seem unfamiliar with your slides and your presentation concept beyond the slides.

Make a Presentation on This!