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Oral Presentation Skills: Showcase Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore the topic of presentation effectiveness through examples (using rubrics to evaluate presentations) and through reflective presentation creation exercises (translating text into winning content).


> Style (for your writing AND your slide/etc. aesthetics)

  • For your writing: Do your word choice and voice reflect your purpose and your audience?
  • For your slides/etc.: Do the layout, design, and fonts and images selected for your slides/frames/etc., reflect your purpose and your audience?
    • HINT: Serious presentations need serious fonts (Times New Roman or Verdana) - Curlz, Chalkboard, Comic Sans, etc., may not have enough gravity. 
    • HINT: Avoid amateurish clip art should be avoided; use images that convey meaning and thoughtfulness - tie them to your purpose/focus!
  • For your slides/etc.: In your layout, are your slides clear and free of distractions? 
    • HINT: Avoid clashing colors, and even elaborate (3+) color schemes.
    • HINT: Keep it simple -- content comes first. Unnecessary art, bad color choice, poor slide/etc. layout, etc., distracts your audience. Embellish in the oral component. 
  • BEST CASE: Text and visual design are clear and interesting and appropriate to your purpose and audience; fonts, colors, etc., are well chosen and reflect your purpose, and they aid in audience's ability to process the visual content of the presentation.
  • WORST CASE: Colors, font(s), and layout seem almost random to the audience; design is confusing and make is difficult to find/understand the presentation content.

Slides - Examples