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Oral Presentation Skills: Showcase Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore the topic of presentation effectiveness through examples (using rubrics to evaluate presentations) and through reflective presentation creation exercises (translating text into winning content).

Support & Elaboration

> Support & Elaboration

  • Are you including enough supporting information/arguments to make your point effectively?
  • For PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.: Are any of your slides/frames, etc., irrelevant to your focus?
    • HINT: Consider text AND image content!
  • Do your images support your points, or are they decorative?
  • Do you read off your slides, or elaborate on your slide content orally?
  • BEST CASE: You include plenty of supporting information, evidence, images, etc., to make your point; your audience is convinced!
  • WORST CASE: You have virtually no evidence for your argument(s) and -- gah -- included clip art in your presentation; your audience is frustrated and sad, and possibly arguing with you (and winning!).​