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Journal of the Western Slope Index: A - B

Author, Title and Subject index.

Authors A-B

Abraham, Diane

   Bloody Grass: Western Colorado Range Wars, 1881-1934: A Study of the Sheepwars.  6(2)  Spr 1991

Adlerman, Bruse

   Grand Junction Clay Products Company.  9(2)  Spr 1994

Armstrong, Tim

   Birds of Mesa County.  2(2)  Spr 1987

Aspinall, Wayne

   Family Message to My Family.  16(1&2)  Win/Spr 2001

Bailey, David P

   Schiesswohl Building: An Economic Barometer of Grand Valley Business Activity, 1908-1934.  2(4)  Fall 1987

Bailey, Tiffany

   Short History of Bowie, Colorado.  15(2)  Spr 2000

Baird, J. Kenneth

   Ku Klux Klan in Grand Junction, 1924-1927.  4(1)  Win 1989

Bangert, Buckley

   Uncompahgre Statesman: the Life of Ouray.  1(2)  Spr 1986

Barnett, Peggy

   Crawford: A Good Little Town.  2(2)  Spr 1987

Blackman, Lillian

   Johnson's House of Flowers: A Family Tradition.  5(4)  Aut 1990

Bouton, Pamela

   Sold Cold: A History of the Grand Junction Ice Houses.  5(4)  Aut 1990

Bowman, Barbara

   Peach Festival, 1887-1909: A Celebrationof the Land.  2(4)  Fall 1987

Brady, Wiley S

   Uncommon People in an Uncommon Valley: Homesteading in the Surface Creek Valley.  15(2)  Spr 2000

Brammer, Michol B

   Rise and Fall of Drive-ins in Grand Junction.  12(3)  Sum 1997

Brigham, Jeff

   Transcendental Twisted Trees and Enos Mills.  4(2)  Spr 1989

   Thousand Year Old Pine, Mesa Verde and Enos Mills.  14(4)  Fall 1999

Buckley, Phyllis

   Grand Junction's City Parks: A History of Community Cooperation.  5(3)  Sum 1990

Bunte, William Kirk

   History of Rapid Creek.  9(4)  Fall 1994

Buys, Christian J

   Chinese in Early Grand Junction.  2(2)  Spr 1987

   Fort Crawford: A Symbol of Transition.  8(2)  Spr 1993

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