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Journal of the Western Slope Index: E - K

Author, Title and Subject index.

Authors E-K

Eastin, Michael

   Little Empire of the Western Slope: Boosterism in the Early Grand Valley.  3(2)  Spr 1988

Elsberry, H. Pat

   Our Home Town.  15(4)  Fall 2000

Farrell, Tyrone

   Civiliam Conservation Corps on the Colorado National Monument.  6(4)  Sum 1991

Frank, Jerritt

   Women, Politics and Booze:  Prohibition in Mesa County, 1908-1933.  14(4)  Fall 1999

Gearhart, Dona

   Women Coal Miners, the Orchard Valley Mine and the Efficacy of Affirmative Action.  7(2)  Spr 1992

Gilleece, Beth M

   Manhattan Project on the Colorado Plateay.  5(2)  Spr 1990

Golden, David

   William Moyer: the Rise and Fall of a Samll-town Progressive.  10(3)  Sum 1995

Gower, Calvin W

   A Reminiscense of Mesa College at the End of World War II.  5(2)  Spr 1990

Guerrie, Robyn Pride

   Sights on the West Coast but Home in Grand Junction.  10(4)  Fall 1995

Harvey, Paul

   Civilian Conservation Corps in Garfield County.  13(3)  Sum 1998

Herrera, Liz

   Hispanic People of Grand Junction.  6(3) Fall 1991

Izienicki, Jeffrey L

   Study of the Retolaza Boarding House and Its Role in the Life of the Basque Itinerant Sheepherder.  7(1)  Win 1992

Johnson, Shephen B Jr.

   Reminiscences of an Inveterate colorado Skier.  5(3)  Sum 1990

Johnston, Shirley

   "Queen" Chipeta.  11(1)  Win 1996

Karp, Leslie

   Whose Water Is It, Anyway?  Bureaucrats, the Animas La-Plata Project, and the Colorado Utes.  9(3)  Sum 1994

Kiefer, Barbara D

   Camp Hale: A Civilian Perspective.  12(1)  Win 1997

Kirkpatrick, J R

   Gandy-dancer to Shoe Clerk.   9(1)  Win 1994

Kuklish, Laura

   Western Hotel of Ouray.  7(1)  Win 1992

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