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Journal of the Western Slope Index: C - D

Author, Title and Subject index.

Authors C-D

Carlquist, Charles Casey  

   Panther Pride: Delta's 1960 State Championship in Football.  15(3)  Sum 2000

Carlson, Derek

   World War II comes to Delta.  15(1)  Win 2000

Carmichael, Tess

   Shoo Away the Snakes, Prairie Dogs and Rabbits: Let's Make the Desert Bloom; the Uncompahgre Project 1890-1909.  8(4)  Fall 1993

Casebolt, Sue

   Navajo Migrant Workers in the Grand Valley, 1950-1970.  12(4)  Fall 1997

Clark, Carrie

   Bug House: History of the colorado Insectary, Palisade, Colorado.  14(3)  Sum 1999

Conner, Carl

   Archaeological Investigations at Battlement Mesa.  4(4)  Aut 1989

Correll, Hilary A E

   War Relief Efforts of Mesa County during the Second World War.  11(3)  Sum 1996

Crowther, Edward R

   John Lawrence and the Opening of the San Juans, 1869-1882.  7(3)  Sum 1992

Cummings, Cathy

   Plateau Canyon Road.  5(2)  Spr 1990

Curry, Geneva

   Crawford Mill.  4(3)  Sum 1989

Dalby, Max

   Early History of School Bands in Western Colorado: The Legacy of Cleon Dalby.  14(1)  Win 1999

Darling, Matt

   Ridgway Branch of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Darnell, Nicole M

   Site 5MN5970: Ten Thousand Years of Occupation.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Davidson, Don

   Grand River Ditch: A short History of Pioneering Irrigation in Colorado's Grand Valley.  1(4)  Win 1986

DeKam, Martha

   "A Monument for Good in the World and the Glory of God": The Parachute Home Culture Club.  3(2)  Spr 1988

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