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Journal of the Western Slope Index: T - Z

Author, Title and Subject index.

Authors T-Z

Tennent, William L

   The Day Buffalo Bill Came to Town.  15(3)  Sum 2000

Tope, Richard E

   Objective History of Grand Junction, Colorado:  Part 1.  10(1)  Win 1995

   Objective History of Grand Junction, Colorado:  Part 2.  10(2)  Spr 1995

Twitchell, Russell

   I Don't Even Hear the Trains Run Anymore.  9(1)  Win 1994

Wheeler, David L

   Far Country: Wild Horses, Public Lands, and the Little Book Cliffs of Colorado.  13(1&2)  Win/Spr 1998

Whitenack, Ryan

   Annuals of a War Era High School:  Grand Junction, Colorado's High School During World War II.  15(1)  Win 2000

Woytek, Jim

   Home Again: Vietnam and Life After the War for Gunnison Veterans.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Woytek, Steve

   John Otto: More Than a Misunderstood Visionary.  13(4)  Fall 1998

Zimmerman, Harold

   Harvesting Peaches with German Prisoners of War.  2(1)  Win 1987

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