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Journal of the Western Slope Index: Artists

Author, Title and Subject index.


Anderson, Darren

   Drawing of KKK members and a burning cross.  4(1)  Win 1989

Armstrong, Tim

   Drawing of a Black-capped Chickadee.  2(2)  Spr 1987

Axelsson, Nicole

   Drawing of a Basque hotel.  7(1)  Win 1992

   Drawing of the entrance to the Orchard Valley Mine.  7(2)  Spr 1992

Bonzek, Debra Bangert

   Drawing of Chief Ouray.  1(2)  Spr 1986

   Drawing of Chipeta.  1191)  Win 1996

Bradford, Varina

   Drawing of the Crawford Mill.  4(3)  Sum 1989

   Drawing of the Savage Library, Western State College.  5(1)  Win 1990

Bradley, Justin

   Drawing of Cleon Dalby playing clarinet.  14(1)  Win 1999

Brigham, Wendy MacPhail

   Artists rendition of the Thousand Year Old Pine and its location.  Sleeping Ute Mountain is in background.  14(4)  Fall 1999

Darnell, Nicole M

   Drawing of buffalo and Indian spear.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Frank, Jason

   Cartoon of a Camp Hale soldier knocking out a German soldier.  12(1)  Win 1997

Garcia, Robert

   Drawing of Hispanic women in front of company housing for the farm workers.  6(3)  Fall 1991


   Cartoon from Rocky Mt. News 9/24/09 entitled "Moving Day in the Uncompahgre".  8(4)  Fall 1993

Gray, Paul

   Drawing of Wayne Aspinall.  16(1&2)  Win/Spr 2001

   Drawing of tree with man sitting under it.  15(4)  Fall 2000

Hardy, Charles

   Drawing of Mary Rait.  3(3)  Sum 1988 and 3(4)  Aut 1988

   Drawing of Richard E. Tope.  10(1)  Win 1995 and 10(2)  Spr 1995

   Drawing of teen and car.  12(3)  Sum 1997

   Drawing of Walter Walker.  12(4)  Fall 1997

   Drawing of wild horses.  13(1&2)  Win/Spr 1998

   Drawing of William Moyer.  10(3)  Sum 1995

Heinrich, M L

   Map of the uranium mills in the four corners area.  7(4)  Fall 1992 and 8(1)  Win 1993

Heinrich, Michael

   Sectional map of Grand Junction.  1(3)  Sum 1986

Hill, Gwen

   Drawing of farm laborers during World War II.  7(3)  Sum 1992

   Drawing of sheepherders.  6(2)  Spr 1991

Hutchinson, G. Roger

   Drawing of Japanese bombing balloon over Delta.  15(1)  Win 2000

   Drawing of people of Delta welcoming home the state football champs.  15(3)  Sum 2000

Johnston, Patty

   Drawing of Sidney Brooks Lloyd's cabin.  9(4)  Fall 1994

Jones, Russell W.

   Drwing of the Animas River and chief Ignacio.  9(3)  Sum 1994

Look, Al

   Painting of John Otto.  13(4)  Fall 1998

Martin, Curtis W.

   Archaeological map of the Kewclaw site, Battlement Mesa.  4(4)  Aut 1989

McIntosh, Jodi

   Drawing of Houston Hall.  5(20  Spr 1990

Mena, Eric

   Drawing of Ole Gunderson.  9(1)  Win 1994

Mock, Sara

   Drawing of a farm man.  1(4)  Win 1986

   Drawing of a farm woman.  1(1)  Win 1986

Morton, David

   Drawing of a pioneer woman on horseback on a mountain trail.  2(3)  Sum 1987

   Drawing of the Schiesswohl building at 6th & Colorado in Grand Junction.  2(4)  Fall 1987

Murray, Jack (John H)

   Drawing of early truck going up Lands End road.  10(4)  Fall 1995

   Drawing of early women settlers in front of cabin.  3(2)  Spr 1988

   Drawing of Grand Junction Indian School.  8(3)  Sum 1993

   Drawing of horse drawn fire wagon of GJFD.  3(1)  Win 1988

   Drawing of the Colorado National Monument.  6(4)  Sum 1991

   Drawing of the exhibition hall on early Mesa County Fair Grounds.  5(3)  Sum 1990

   Drawing of the Hotel Colorado.  9(2)  Spr 1994

   Drawing of the original Carnegie Public Library Grand Junction.  12(2)  Spr 1997

   Drawing of Ute Indian removal.  8(2)  Spr 1993

Murray, Jim

   Drawing of the St. Regis Hotel.  5(4)  Aut 1990

Novak, John

   Drawing of the interior of the original Schmidt Hadware circa 1912.  4(2)  Spr 1989

Plsek, Sheila

   Drawing of early school house with horse and wagon in front.  6(1)  Win 1991

Poole, Julia

   Drawing of a bug - probably an Oriental fruit moth.  14(3)  Sum 1999

Turner, Ami

   Drawing of Carlson Vineyards winemaker Parker Carlson.  11(2)  Spr 1996

   Drawing of inscription carved by Antoine Robiodoux on a rock overhang at entrance to Westwater Canyon 1937.  11(4) 

      Fall 1996

   Drawing of Mesa Drug, circa 1957.  11(3)  Sum 1996

Valentine, Jayne

   Drawing of mountain wagon road with wagon and horses.  2(1)  Win 1987

White, Michael (Mike)

   Drawing of apartment building, Mt. Garfield and two Italian immigranst.  14(2)  Spr 1999

   Drawing of Maria Guiseppa Marasco.  16(3)  Sum 2001

   Drawing of sheep hearing wagon and a sheepshearer.  17(1)  Win 2002

   Drawing of Tom Mix and scene from movie "Great K & A Train Robbery".  13(3)  Sum 1998

Willis, Kurvin

   Drawing of Ole Gunderson.  9(1)  Win 1994


   Map showing Surface Creek Valley courtesy of Wiley Scott Brady.  15(2)  Spr 2000




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