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Journal of the Western Slope Index: R - S

Author, Title and Subject index.

Titles R-S

Recollections of Naturita Taken from "Biography of Walter and Myrtle Cooper"

   Locke, Flora.  1(4)  Win 1986

Recollections of the Redlands, 1920-1974

   Sutherland, Loyal A. "Sox".  1(1)  Win 1986

A Reminincence of Mesa College at the End of World War II

   Gower, Calvin W.  5(2)  Spr 1990

Reminiscences of an Inveterate Colorado Skier

   Johnson, Stephen B. Jr.  5(3)  Sum 1990

Reminiscences of Early Life in Colorado

   Megrue, Abigal Franks.  2(3)  Sum 1987

Ridgway Branch of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad

   Darling, Matt.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Rise and Fall of Drive-ins in Grand Junction

   Brammer, Michol B.  12(3)  Sum 1997

Roan Creek Toll Road

   MacKendrick Don.  2(1)  Win 1987

Schiesswohl Building: An Economic Barometer of Grand Valley Business Activity, 1908-1934

   Bailey, David P.  2(4)  Fall 1987

Schmidt Family Hardware Store and Grand Junction, a Partnership

   Locke, Mary E.  4(2)  spr 1989

Sheep Shearing in Western Colorado

   Noland, Merle.  17(1)  Win 2002

Shoo Away the Snakes, Paririe Dogs and Rabbits: Let's Make the Desert Bloom; The Uncompahgre Project: 1890-1909

   Carmichael, Tess.  8(4)  Fall 1993

Short History of Bowie, Colorado

   Bailey, Tiffany.  15(2)  Spr 2000

Sights on the West Coast but Home in Grand Junction

   Guerrie, Robyn Pride.  10(4)  Fall 1995

Site 5MN5970: Ten Thousand Years of Occupation

   Darnell, Nicole M.  16(4)  Fall 2001

Sold Cold: A History of the Grand Junction Ice Houses

   Bouton, Pamela.  5(4)  Aut 1990

Splendid Public Temples: The Development of Public Libraries in Mesa County Colorado 1892-1997

   MacKendrick, Don.  12(2)  Spr 1997

Study of the Retolaza Boarding House and Its Role in the Life of the Basque Itinerant Sheepherder

   Izienicki, Jeffrey L.  7(1)  Win 1992

Survival of Judaism in a Far Western Town:  A Brief History of the Jewish Community in Grand Junction, Colorado

   Newkirk, Rex.  4(3)  Sum 1989

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