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Journal of the Western Slope Index: Authors

Author, Title and Subject index.

List of books reviewed by author

Amundson, Michael

   Yellowcake Towns: Uranium Mining in the American West.  17(1)  Win 2002

Buys, Christian

   Historic Leadville in Rare Photographs and Drawings.  12(3)  Sum 1997

   Historic Telluride in Rare Photographs.  13(3)  Sum 1998

Crum, Sally

   People of the Red Earth: American Indians of Colorado.  11(3)  Sum 1996

   Race to the Moonrise: An Ancient Journey.  12(4)  Fall 1997

Fay, Abbott

   I Never Knew That About Colorado: A Quaint volume of Forgotten Lore.  12(4) Fall 1997

   Story of Colorado Wines.  15(3)  Sum 2000

Fishell, Dave

   Grand Heritage: A Pictorial History of Grand Junction, Colorado.  1(3)  Sum 1986

   Spirit of Charity, 1896-1996: St. Mary's Hospital Celebrates a Century of Caring.  12(3)  Sum 1997

Henn, Roger

   In Journeyings Often: A Storyof Ouray Told Through Its First Church.  8(4)  Fall 1993

Jocknick, Sidney

   Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado.  12(4)  Fall 1997

Jones-Eddy, Julie

   Homesteading Women: An Oral History of Colorado, 1890-1950.  8(2)  Spr 1993

Lavender, David

   Telluride Story.  2(4)  Fall 1987

Lindgren, H. Elaine

   Land in Her Own Name:  Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota.  8(2)  Spr 1993

Museum of Western Colorado

   Mesa County, Colorado: A 100 Year History.  16(2)  Sum 2001

Nelson, Kent

   Discoveries: Short Stories of the San Juans.  12(3)  Sum 1997

Rockwell, Wilson

   Sunset Slope: True Epics of Western Colorado.  13(3)  Sum 1998

   Utes: A Forgotten People.  13(4)  Fall 1998

Schulte, Steven C.

   Wayne Aspinall and the Shaping of the American West.  15(3)  Sum 2000

Simmons, Virginia McConnell

   San Luis Valley: Land of the Six-Armed Cross.  14(1)  Win 1999

   Ute Indians of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.  15(3)  Sum 2000

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