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Journal of the Western Slope Index: L - M

Author, Title and Subject index.

Authors L-M

Langdon, Danni

   Archaeological Investigations at Battlement Mesa.  4(4)  Aut 1989

Lindemann, Kim

   Mobile Youth: Cars and Teens in the 1950s.  12(3)  Sum 1997

Lindley, Kathy

   Lands End Road.  10(4)  Fall 1995

Locke, Flora

   Recollections of Naturita taken from "Biography of Walter and Myrtle Cooper".  1(4)  Win 1986

Locke, Mary E

   Schmidt Family Hardware Store and Grand Junction, a Partnership.  4(2)  Spr 1989

Lowe, Shawn

   Enstrom's: More Than Just Toffee.  4(4)  Aut 1989

MacKendrick, Don

   Editor's Introduction.  1(1)  Win 1986

   Roan Creek Toll Road.  2(1)  Win 1987

   Cesspools, Alkali and White Lily Soap: The Grand Junction Indian School, 1886-1911.  8(3)  Sum 1993

   Splendid Public Temples: The Development of Public Libraries in Mesa County Colorado 1982-1997.  12(2)  Spr 1997

   Farewell.  17(1)  Win 2002

Madsen, Christi

   Tom Mix in Glenwood Springs.  13(3)  sum 1998

Marasco, Roland Joseph

   La Mamma.  16(3)  Sum 2001

Marasco, Sue Ann

   Transplanting the Body: Bringing southern Italian Culture to Grand Junction, 1870-1930.  14(2)  Spr 1999

   Introduction to "La Mamma".  16(3)  Sum 2001

McCall, Laura

   In the Spirit of Public Service: Leslie J. Savage of Western Colorado.  5(1)  Win 1990

Mease, Janet

   Grand Junction Town Company and the Land Dispute with William Keith.  1(3)  Sum 1986

Mease, Kristi

   Labor Shortage and Its Solution During World War II in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado.  7(3)  Sum 1992

Megrue, Abigal Franks

   Reminiscences of Early Life in Colorado.  2(3)  Sum 1987

Moloney, Michael

   History of the Palisade Wine Industry.  11(2)  Spr 1996

Morrell, Jennifer Hanks

   Military memories of Glenn Hanks and the Tenth Mountain Division.  12(1)  Win 1997

Moston, Juanita

   Twentieth Century Stopping Place: The St. Regis Hotel 1893-1990.  5(4)  Aut 1990

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